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Whisky Michel Couvreur Malt Candid Distilled 2006 43% 700ml

Whisky Michel Couvreur Malt Candid Distilled 2006 43% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 43%
Content: 700ml
Appellation: Whisky
Vintage: 2006 Pedro Ximenez Casks
Variety: Malt Candid
$ 195.90

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CANDID MALT WHISKY « The new Disclosure expression » Amazingly expressive young whisky !


Malt distilled in 2006 and matured in deeply humid caves within intensely Pedro Ximenez impregnated media botas (250 liters).


Four selected casks blended together to obtain regularity of taste. 53% natural strength decreased at bottling time to 49% per volume. Amber tint with ruby reflections. Mellow with roasted almond notes with a soft pungency. Floral and intense nose.


Recalling "Intravagan’za" fruity and spicy tastes. Intense to the palate, very mellow with a soft peaty liquorice touch. Power-full slightly toasted. Almond freshness with peppery spice.

Nice thirst-quenching fruity taste. Gentle peat and liquorice are essential to its depth.


Reminiscent of "Michel Couvreur Disclosure" available in 2008: iodine distillate matured in a fresh PX cask providing a mellow and peaty balance.