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Michel Couvreur XII years old 47% 500ml

Michel Couvreur XII years old 47% 500ml
CATEGORY : Single Cask Whisky DISTILLATE : cereal, unpeaty AGE : 12 ans DISTILLATION DATE : 05/02/2006 DISTILLATION DEGREE : 63% NATURAL DEGREE : 47% BOTTLE DEGREE : 47% BARREL AGEING sweet : PX butt CELLAR ZONE : medium humid PRESENTATION : soft box
$ 192.50

Same spirit as the Couvreur's Clearach, but older (12 years instead
of 3 years old), in the medium humid part of the cellar. Limited
edition, this unique barrel is available in 500ml bottles, numbered
from 1 to 962. Very mellow and spicy, it's the good witness of PX
cask maturation! How the Clearach distillate evolves after more
than 12 years of ageing. In comparison with the XV, despite be
younger, the XII is darker, slightly red, with honey and liquorice
flavors, roundness and concentration. At 47% cask strength, it is
powerful without burn feelings. Flavors of cooked fruits, spicy.
smooth but tonic mouth, beautiful influence of PX. Liquorice wood
aftertaste on a beautiful freshness.