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St James Rum Agricole 12 years 43% 700ml

St James Rum Agricole 12 years 43% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 42%
Content: 700ml
Area of Origin: Martinique France
Appellation:  Rum Agricole AOC
Vintage: 5 Years
Variety: 100% Sugar Cane juice 
$ 148.50

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Saint James 12 Year Old rum is a prestigious new dark rum created by Saint James to complete its wide range that is well-known all over Martinique. This fantastic dark rum is patiently matured in special oak casks, which gives it high aromatic richness and heightens its quality.

Time slowly cultivates the rum’s flavor by concentrating the deep aromas with smooth and refined elegance. With its beautiful coppery brown tints, it exhales woody notes combined with more subtle scents and reveals powerful flavors of prune, dried fruit and spices (nutmeg) along with a delicate roasted coffee hint.



Clear & pure. Copper brown colour



Excellent aromatic quality. Initial predominant woody notes. Amplified by more subtle flavours. Distinctive notes of stoned fruit (prune). Aromas of dried fruit and nutmeg. Delicate roasted touch.



Good roundness. Enriched in tannins from its long ageing in casks. Predominantly woody with undertones of spices mixed with macerated stoned fruit. Very present & full-bodied with an good length on the palate.


How to appreciate it?

As an after-dinner drink