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Depaz Rum Agricole Reserve Speciale VSOP 7 years 45% 700ml

Depaz Rum Agricole Reserve Speciale VSOP 7 years 45% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength : 45%
Content: 700ml
Appellation: Agricole Rum AOC
Vintage: 7 years
Variety : 100% Sugar Cane juice
$ 134.90

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Aged for 7 years in oak casks, Depaz VSOP very old rum develops flavors of vanilla, dried roasted fruit and tobacco. The attack on the palate is clean, powerful and fresh with the finish adding a more peppery touch. 

Playing a special role in the soul of Saint Pierre for more than 350 years, the Depaz estate is located at the foot of the islands highest mountain, Mount Pelée. 

In 1902, Mount Pelée delivered a devastating volcanic eruption which impassioned Victor Depaz, the sole surviving family member, to ultimately return to the estate in 1917 to successfully rebuild the Depaz chateau and the distillery. 

It’s these volcanic ashes that today continue to fuel the rich development and production of the sugar cane that permeates Depaz with its explosive taste and character.