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Depaz Old Rum Agricole Vieux 3 years 45% 700ml

Depaz Old Rum Agricole Vieux 3 years 45% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength : 45%
Content: 700ml
Appellation: Agricole Rum AOC
Vintage: 3 years
Variety : 100% Sugar Cane juice
$ 114.75

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The unique character of Depaz rum is shaped on sun drenched soils set between sea and the volcano, rich in ashes from Mount Pelée. This ideal position provides exceptional sugar cane and pure and plentiful water from the mountain. These are two raw ingredients that go to make an 'agricole' rum of subtle finesse.  

Aged for several years in small oak barrels, the callar master then carfully selects the best batches to make the perfect blend. 

With its lovely almond hue, Depaz Plantation old rum boasts crystallized fruit andnutmeg flavors. It is rounded on the palate with the most pleasant of finishes.