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Bielle Rum Agricole Blanc (White) 50% 1000ml

Bielle Rum Agricole Blanc (White) 50% 1000ml
Alcoholic Strength: 50%
Content: 1000ml
Appellation: Agricole Rum, Marie Galante
Vintage: Not aged but rested few Months
Variety: 100% Sugar Cane juice
$ 134.90

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With its fresh sugary nose and a full grassy palette with hints of vanilla, Bielle white rum was awarded a gold medal at the prestigious Paris Concours General agricole in 2007, and again in 2011!

Like the other white rhums on Marie Galante, Bielle white rum is bottled at 59% abv. Full of flavor and aroma, the high alcohol content is well tamed in a ‘ti punch or other juice punch.

Bielle distillery is currently the most eco friendly unit in the Caribbean, with ponds that treat the residual wine by using plants that absorb the organic material. This technique is called “Phytoremediation”.