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Normandin Mercier Pineau Blanc (White) 17% 750ml

Normandin Mercier Pineau Blanc (White) 17% 750ml
Appellation-area of Origin : AOC Pineau des charentes/ Petite and Grande Champagne Area  
Alcoholic  Strength : 17%
Content : 750ml Vintage  : Aged 7 years in Oak Barrels Grape Variety : Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche
$ 65.90

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 Aperitif made with Fresh white Grape Juice + Cognac 60%.


Tasting Notes

Appearance: Ranging from pale yellow to a dark golden colour, with thick legs.

Nose: Rich, elegant, and very complex, with overtones of lime-blossoms, vine flowers, peaches, plums and figs, accompanied by hints of almonds, prunes, quince jelly, vanilla, and honey.

Palate: Fresh and delicious, white Pineau is full-bodied and generous, with a lovely concentrated flavour. This is a refined, delicate wine


Serving temperature: 6 to 8° C.