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Henri Bardouin Pastis 45% 700ml

Henri Bardouin Pastis 45% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 45%
Content: 700ml
Appellation-Area of Origin: Provence France
Vintage: No ageing Process
Variety: Mix of more than 30 Spices and Botanicals.
$ 87.90

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The only Pastis to be awarded a Gold Medal at the Paris Agricultural Show (Concours Général Agricole de Paris), Henri Bardouin Pastis distinguishes itself from other pastis by its elegance and richness of flavor.

-    Henri Bardouin has achieved the perfect balance of 65 plants and spices in this pastis, ensuring you will never tire of its unique flavor.

-    The ingredients are rigorously-selected for their aromatic qualities. The result is a Pastis so fine and elegant that it doesn't ruin the palate and does not alter the taste of the food and wine served during the meal.

-    Henri Bardouin Pastis is the only pastis which can be served throughout a meal.

Tips: Henri Bardouin Pastis is the ideal companion to fish, vegetables and dips (creamy anchovy dip (anchoïade) or garlic mayonnaise (aïoli), spicy dishes….


How do you drink it?

Henri Bardouin Pastis is drunk as an aperitif, completed with water. Generally, six volumes of cold water are added for one volume of pastis. A pastis for tasting requires a greater dilution than industrial pastis, in order to appreciate its fine aromatic flavors. But, everyone is free to drink it more or less light, as desired as depending on the outside temperature.

Organoleptic Profile

Appearance: the color of Henri Bardouin pastis is yellowish brown, shimmering with green highlights due only to the presence of plants, including wormwood. There are no colorants. The product is clear and brilliant.

Nose: The first anise note then moves aside for plant aromas, then the more exotic spices, such as cardamom, melegueta pepper, Tonka bean, etc....

Palate: A sharp attack of plants then a more structured evolution due to the presence of the wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris) and more complex due to the presence of spices, to finish by a good aromatic persistence.
Its complexity and finesse make Henri Bardouin pastis a true pastis for tasting. The balance between the 65 plants and spices that make up Henri Bardouin pastis is perfect. Its intensity is powerful and its aromatic profile is elegant. Henri Bardouin pastis leaves the person who tastes it on a complex, spicy aromatic final note.

Storage: There is not expiration date for consumption. The pastis becomes slightly browner after opening, without changing its aromatic characteristics.
Avoid keeping it at a temperature over 25°C and lower than 10°C (do not place in the refrigerator), due to the appearance of small anethole particles.
The bottle must be stored upright.
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