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BALLY Rum Agricole 3 years Pyramid shaped 45% 700ml

BALLY Rum Agricole 3 years Pyramid shaped 45% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength : 45%
Content: 700ml
Appellation: Agricol Rum 
Area of origin: Martinique
Producer: J. Bally
Vintage: 3 year
Variety : 100% Sugar Cane juice
$ 108.00

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Tasting Notes:

Known since 1924 by the square bottle and distinctive label, Bally rum - from the leeward town of Le Carbet in Martinique - has enjoyed a most successful history. The distillation column has since been moved to Saint James Distillery, where Bally rum is now distilled.This classic pyramid shaped bottle was first launched in 1930 by Jacques Bally. It rapidly became a signature of the Bally distillery. This Bally old rum was aged 3 years in Limousin oak casks. It's deep amber colour and tasting qualities are due to its prolonged aging