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French Wine Chateau Tariquet Sauvignon

French Wine Chateau Tariquet Sauvignon
Alcoholic Strength: 12.5%  Content: 750ml  Appellation-Area of Origin:  Gascony, Bas-Armagnac   Grown, produced and bottled by Domaine du Tariquet.  Current Vintage: 2015 Grape variety: 100% Sauvignon
$ 15.00

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Tasting notes:

Sauvignon, undisputed leader
Gascony’s mild climate offers this grape variety a new range of aromas. 
A distinctive bouquet with fine intense floral notes, some minerality, and the underlying suggestion of ripe grapes. Fresh and refined with an attractive intensity. A fine expression of Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is a delight. Quality grapes and a winemaker’s expert touch combined to reach new heights. 

Storage: Should be stored upright, in a cool dark place. Will keep for 2 years.


Serving suggestion:
Serve chilled. Excellent with starters such as fish, seafood or white meat.