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La Salamandre Abricot (Apricot) Eau de Vie 42% 700ml

La Salamandre Abricot (Apricot) Eau de Vie 42% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 42%
Content: 700ml
Area of Origin: Sarlat Périgord France
Producer: La Salamandre
$ 114.75

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Made famous by the prune of Agen, the Ente plum is the basis of our eau-de-vie which is known for its bouquet, it subtlety and its quality as a superb after-meal "digestif". Aging in oak casks for a minimum of eight years brings forth not only the bouquet of this eau-de-vie, but also its natural woody hue. Its exceptional quality regularly brings it the highest honours at the agricultural competitions in Paris.