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Liqueur de Paris 18% 700ml

Liqueur de Paris 18% 700ml
Color: Gold /Amber
Nature: Liqueur
Format: 700 ml 
Producer: Vedrenne
Country of Origin: France
Region: Paris Ile de France
Alcoholic Strenght: 18% 
$ 58.90

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So French:

The LIQUEUR de PARIS is continuing the tradition. It is authentically distilled in Ile-de-France.

The LIQUEUR de PARIS is made from  the stone of a little wild berry : la prunelle.

The stones are first macerating with neutral beet's alcohol, then are distilled in a small traditionnal pot still.

So Chic:

The packaging has been designed by Maris Bouvero, a french talentuous designer of exclusive fashion accessories.

So good:

Its color is clear, amber and golden.
It has a wonderfull flavor of sweet almond, elegant with notes of wild berries.

The LIQUEUR de PARIS is excellent to be enjoyed nature, before or after meals, on its own, with ice, or with tonic and a slice of fresh lemon.