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Massenez Myrtille (Blueberry) Liqueur 20% 700ml

Massenez Myrtille (Blueberry) Liqueur 20% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 20%
Content: 700ml
Area of Origin: Alsace France
Producer: G.E Massenez
$ 52.90

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The flavour of MASSENEZ’s Blueberry Cream is surprising. It is marked by ripe fruit flavours… With the contrasting freshness of Bilberry on the finish.  An elegant Cream that faithfully reflects the fruit used in its making.



Opaque bluish colour, with cherry red ruby highlights, typical of ripe Bilberry.



Discret nose mirroring the relatively discret olfactory qualities of the fruit.



Surprising attack in the mouth, in contrast to the fragile nose, leaving the flavour of ripefruit and freshly picked bilberries. Fresh bilberry appears midpalate adding lightness to this flavoursome and characterful Cream.