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Massenez Peach Liqueur 20% 500ml

Massenez Peach Liqueur 20% 500ml
Alcoholic Strength: 20%
Content: 500ml
Area of Origin: Alsace France
Producer: G.E Massenez
$ 39.90

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MASSENEZ’s peach Liquor has remarkably subtle aromas and a delicate bouquet. A faithful reflexion on the smoothness of a peach.



Beautifully brilliant, very fluid gold colour. A dense, sweet texture.



An intense nose, reminiscent of freshly picked fruit. Sweetness and roundness subtly balanced by light floral notes.



Intense aromatic flavours , round, generous and fruity in the mouth. Immediately recognisable peach flavour, with very pleasant floral notes the finish and providing freshness.