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Gaugalin Corn & Opium Poppies Liqueur 25% 500ml

Gaugalin Corn & Opium Poppies Liqueur 25% 500ml
Alcoholic Strength: 25%
Content: 500ml
Area of Origin: Provence France
Producer: Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

A heavenly drink and a true liqueur, Gau Galin offers the innovative flavors of poppies. You'll love its raspberry taste with a hint of lychee, brought together by the spiced, vegetal aroma of red poppy.


Gau Galin can be enjoyed over ice, in cocktails or accompanied by vodka or tequila. It would also be delicious over ice cream. Our tip: Drink cold or with ice.


How do you drink it?

Gaugalin is drunk over crushed ice, partnered with tequila or mixed in a cocktail with fruit juices such as orange, grapefruit, apricot, apple/blackcurrant (2 parts fruit juice to 1 part Gaugalin).


Organoleptic profile

Appearance: Gau Galin has a deep cherry red color.

Bouquet: Its fruity nose reveals red fruit aromas with the gentle addition of a floral note.
Palate: It is rich in the mouth, with a raspberry flavor moving smoothly to a note of lychee on the finish, with the added complexity of the spicy, plant notes from the poppy.