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Bertrand Mirabelle (Cherry Plum) Liqueur 18% 500ml

Bertrand Mirabelle (Cherry Plum) Liqueur 18% 500ml
Alcoholic Strength: 18%
Content: 500ml
Area of Origin: Alsace France
Producer: Distillerie Bertrand
$ 47.00

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Mirabelle, it's this small yellow plum which grow in the Alsace area. Unfortunately, quite unknown in Australia...So that is, the great opportunity to taste it...So sweet...


Drink it, neat, on ice, or in a cocktail. Beautiful to serve with a Plum Tart.


Inheritors of a long family tradition of patience and expertise, we distil our fruit eaux-de-vie just as Joseph Bertrand did in 1874: "seeking perfection through the love of a job well done".

Today, this continuous search for quality marks us out as one of the best Distillers in France. Every year we put our skills to the test by successfully taking part in the most prestigious national and international shows.

This is how one small corner of Alsace daily becomes an ambassador of good French taste throughout the world.

Bertrand: 25 gold medals in the last ten years.