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Fortin Rum 3 Years (aged in bourbon casks) 40% 700ml

Fortin Rum 3 Years (aged in bourbon casks) 40% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 40%
Content: 700ml
Area of Origin: Paraguay
Variety: 100% sugarcane honey
$ 58.20

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Tasting Notes:

This rum 100% sugarcane honey, after fermented, is distilled in column stills and then aged in bourbon casks for 3 yearsNose: herbaceous (freshly cut grass) and floral (violet) with some citrus notes.Palate: Round and soft, he then becomes a little more powerful, a fairly balanced body. On a beautiful aromatic subtlety might be retained honey, floral and fruity notes with a hint of caramel.Final: banana “flambé” is felt on the final, without dominating the whole. Rum rather unusual but very nice with its long floral sweetness, a little vanilla on the finish