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Dolin Genepi Liqueur 500ml 40%

Dolin Genepi Liqueur 500ml 40%
Alcoholic Strength: 40%
Content: 500ml
Area of Origin: Alpes France
Producer: Dolin
$ 67.50

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Tasting notes:
The name of this liqueur is « cœur de genepi », as the heart of distillation. Dolin genepy liqueur is easy to recognise, with its brilliant tender, pale green robe highlighted with glints of gold. The bouquet is powerfull, intense and straightforward, leading to grassy notes of artemisia, softened with floral notes of violet.



Serving suggestion:

Nature: Let yourself go, and give into the captivating alpine fragrances.

On the rocks: Served on the rocks, beautifully chilled and perfectly plain, these delicious liqueurs unveil their aromatic complexity and their utter elegance.