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Dolin Suedois Bitter Liqueur 30% 500ml

Dolin Suedois Bitter Liqueur 30% 500ml
Alcoholic Strength: 30%  Content: 500ml  Area of Origin: French Alpes  Variety: Myrrh, Aloe,Gentian,Rhubarb,Orange,Agaric...
$ 60.90

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Tasting Notes:

During the 18th century this elixir enabled Swedish doctor, Claus Samst, to heal the poor, vagrants, workers and anyone who had difficult lives. After much research and hours of hard work he compiled a manuscript describing 46 diseases that could be healed with this elixir. In 1821, Joseph Chavasse, founder of La Maison Dolin, saved the elixir from extinction by marketing it under the name "Suédois Dolin" in memory of the famous doctor. Its recipe has remained unchanged. The myrrh, the aloe, the gentian, the rhubarb, the orange and the agarics make it an excellent digestive. As an aperitif, it tickles the taste buds. Just a few drops in your cocktails, it brings original notes, too rarely found.