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Vermouth Absenteroux Distilleries de Provence 18% 750ml

Vermouth Absenteroux Distilleries de Provence 18% 750ml
Alcoholic Strength: 18% Content: 750ml Area of Origin: Provence  Variety: wine from Provence, gentian extracts, essence of wormwood...
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Tasting Notes:
Absenteroux™ is an alcohol-fortified wine, aromatised with herbs and spices. Absenteroux™ is produced with white wine from Provence (Ugni Blanc,Grenache Blanc, Vermentino & Clairette), sugar, distillates (coriander, anise, lemon balm, mint…), gentian extracts, essence of wormwood ….and a natural aroma of vermouth (orange, plants and spices). Absenteroux™ is up to 10 mg of thujone/liter. Dry botanicals and spices are first macerated into beet alcohol. After a timespecific period, plants and spices are drop of from the liquid. We then proceed into our pot still to such botanicals as, wormwood. By combining white wines, infusions, distillates and essences, we finaly achieve the finish product. Physical, chemical and organoleptic qualities are then performed.

Nose and taste:

Light green color with glints of yellow and brown

Nose : complex and subtle with its fresh melding notes of absinth (wormwood), gentian and spices.

Mouth : a first rich and powerful attack with the absinth plant, followed by a complex evolution both vegetal, fruity and sweet developing gentian and spices notes.

How to drink it:

With orange juice : 1 part Orange juice + 3 parts Absenteroux

With lime juice : 1 part of lime juice + 4 parts Absenteroux

With 2/3 soda + slice of lemon

With Gin / Rhum / Whisky


Over ice

Please keep the product refregirated after opening.