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Renier Cognac Grande Champagne XO 25 Years 40% 700ml

Renier Cognac Grande Champagne XO 25 Years 40% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 40%
Content: 700ml
Appellation: AOC Grande Champagne
Area of Origin: Cognac France
Vintage: 25 years 
Variety: Ugni Blanc
$ 199.95

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This XO Cognac over 25 years old comes from our property of Grande Champagne First Cru and was aged in the dampness of our cellars nearby the Charente River. Amber coloured and maintaining a perfect balance between the finesse of the alcohol, the fruity aromas and the wood taste from the oak cask. Here is an ideal compromise expressed through floral and spicy hints with a touch of strength, thus creating a very subtle harmony.


Grape variety Ugni Blanc: green grapes bringing structure and acidity, with naturally preserving qualities. These vineyards about 25-years old are situated around Gondeville. The clay and chalk soil is another advantage for the quality of these vines and the COGNAC to come.


Ingredients: First Cru Cognac, distilled water, possible traces of caramel, sugar and wood taste.


Distilled in our Charentais Still: Distillation of clear wine with the lees in order to foster the improvement of the coming old Cognac because it develops roundness and subtlety.


Ageing: After 8 to 10 months in very tannic new casks, this young Cognac goes on ageing in a “red” barrel eight or nine years then finishes its ageing in a mature barrel in our naturally damp cellars that soften the eaux-de-vie while preserving their elegance and strength.