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Cognac “La Péraudière” Grande Champagne

Cognac “La Péraudière” Grande Champagne
Alcoholic Strength: 46%
Content: 500ml
Appellation: AOC Grande Champagne
Area of Origin: Cognac France
Vintage: 25 years 
Variety: Ugni Blanc
$ 219.95

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We have selected this 'Grande Champagne' Premier Cru of 1992 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Normandin Mercier business, founded in 1872. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has been aged in authentic casks, made by the best Cognac coopers; using hundred-year-old oak trees from the estate ‘La Péraudière’ which were chosen in 1989 for the exceptional subtlety of their grain. The staves were left to dry in the open-air for three whole years, and from these wonderful casks ‘La Péraudière’ cognac was born. Limited series of 1000 bottles.