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Cognac Grosperrin "Cognac De Collection" Folle Blanche 5 years 43% 700ml

Cognac Grosperrin "Cognac De Collection" Folle Blanche 5 years 43% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 43%
Content: 700ml
Appellation: AOC Grande Champagne
Area of Origin: Cognac France
Vintage: 5 years
Grapes variety : Folle Blanche
$ 133.95

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Tasting Notes:


This cognac coming from 2008 and 2003 harvest would be too young to be part of the Cognac de collection range, if it was not so rare and astonished. First because of its grape variety, but also because of the quality of the terroirs of origin. The Folle Blanche is a variety native from the Charentes, before pre-phylloxeric, which became rare in the region (about 1% of the total plantation), because of its sensibility to botrytis. This vine of Folle (exclusively) is planted on grassy piece of land of about 1,45 hectares, situated upland the town of St Fort-sur-le-Né, in Grande Champagne. The soil is principally made of chalk (Campanien), considered as one of the best for the cognac production. Since 2011 this parcel is cultivated for us by the owner, who owns 32 hectares in total. Each year, we buy the full harvest of Folle, which is then turned to wine, and distillated upon our requirement. Then the BNIC seals the harvest.

This cognac comes from the blend of 2003 and 2008 vintages, two harvest that were distillated on dregs, and then aged in big grain oak casks. The water reduction was done on an 18 months period in our cellars.


Clear robe. In the nose, vivacious aromas of grapes, butter, limetree honey. Some sweet notes of distillation are still emerging, extended by the floral Folle Blanche nature: Iris, Daffodil, and then Jasmine in the aeration. Then come some more evident notes of passion fruits, pineapple, and harvest. In the mouth the texture is smooth and pleasant, frank notes of vine flowers, apples, and first spices. Beautiful freshness. A balanced and greedy final, floral Folle Blanche notes are exploding. Totally natural, unique, and quaint.