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Cognac Grosperrin "Cognac De Collection" 1991 21 years 500ml

Cognac Grosperrin "Cognac De Collection" 1991 21 years 500ml
Content: 500ml
Appellation: AOC Bois Ordinaires
Area of Origin: Cognac France
Vintage: 21 years
Grapes variety : Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche
$ 226.95

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Tasting Notes:

A cognac made from a vineyard influenced by the maritime climate of the Atlantic Ocean, worked by a young wine grower located in the village of St Pierre d'Oléron, on the Island of Oléron. This island benefits from the influence of the Golf Stream and almost Mediterranean-like sun. Here you can find plants that are not often found on the coastline, such as mimosa and tamarisk, thus giving it its nickname "Island of Mimosas". Yet the production of cognac has been historically discredited here and, in 30 years, the grape-growing surface has been reduced to half its former area. From 1936 to 1984, the island's distillers were the only ones authorised to use column stills (distilled only once). This land is nothing less than exceptional for enthusiasts able to appreciate these maritime cognacs originating from sandy soils.
The harvest 1991 was the coldest of the decade. The total volume produced this year was less by 70% than the previous harvest (- 76% in Grande Champagne!).

This vintage Cognac (aged under state control since the 27th February 1992) is a fabulous expression of this soil, with the flavours of the French wild coast, warm sand dunes on a summer’s day and soft spices. Without particular elegance ("[...] more rustic but with a lovely structure and a good attack" according to Andreas Larsson, 2008, Best Sommelier of the World 2007), this cognac gives a certain pleasure: powerful, generous, and unique.