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Armagnac Darroze 63/65/66/72/75/80/81/87/90 9x200ml

Armagnac Darroze 63/65/66/72/75/80/81/87/90 9x200ml
Alcoholic Strength: 40%
Content: 3x200ml
Appellation: AOC Bas Armagnac
Area of Origin: Lannepax France
Grape Variety: Ugni blanc, Bacco22A, Colombard
$ 891.00

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This selection presented in THE ARMAGNAC CELLAR will allow you, and others, to discover the diversity and variety of a small part of the Armagnacs in the Darroze Collection.  The cellar comes with a 'Carte des Armagnacs' in which it will print the characteristics of the Grand Bas-Armagnacs : information about the property and tasting notes.


1990 Domaine Au Bertruc 48%
1987 Domaine de Jouanchicot 48%
1981 Domaine de Martin 48%
1980 Domaine Le Lasse 40.2%
1975 Domaine de Lamarquette 47%
1972 Château de Gaube 45%
1966 Château de Gaube 45%
1965 Domaine de Peyrot 47.5%
1963 Château de Gaube 45.5%


1963 Chateau De Gaube Located at Perquie 200ml
Yellow colour with golden tints. The nose of this armagnac is exceptional: distinguished and very elegant. Some Delicate spicy flavors (vanilla, mint) mingle with oaky aromas. On the palate, we find these same qualities: elegancy, spicy and oaky notes.

1965 Domaine De Peyrot- Located at Ste Christie d’Armagnac 200ml
The nose is very complex. We find some matured flavours like walnuts, nuts, leather as well as fruity aromas (dry apricot, prune) and after airing a menthol note. On the palate, the attack is soft, with delicate tannins. We feel again the same flavours than those found in the nose. Medium long finish.

1966 Chateau De Gaube - Located at Perquie 200ml
Light chestnut colour with golden tints. Strict but elegant nose. Oaky and earthy flavours (like mushrooms) as well as dry fruit and coffee after smell. Very expressive and powerful on the palate, spicy (white pepper). Rancio notes. Very long finish.

1972 Chateau De Gaube - Located at Perquie 200ml
Golden yellow color, with darker tints.  The nose is very expressive, with a lot of different flavors : dry figs, prune, apricot, walnuts. On the palate, the tannins quality is superb. A high quality rancio character shows that the ageing conditions were perfect.

1975 Domaine De Lamarquette Located at Castandet 200ml
Golden color, with darker tints. The nose is pungent, asks for air. Then, appear some licorice, coffee, cocoa, toast flavours. Again, a lot of character in the palate. The attack is clear, the tannins are round. Very complex in flavors. Long finish.

1980 Domaine Le Lasse  Located at Monlezun d’Armagnac 200ml
Chesnut color with golden tints. The nose is pungent, and we feel dry fruits with roasted flavors (coffee, tabacco) and spices (white peper, licorice). Complex nose.In the palate, the attack is clean with fine tanins. Very complex in flavors. Long finish.

1981 Domaine Au Martin Located at Hontanx 200ml
Yellow gold. Interesting, complex nose. Fine, smoky aromas with notes of dried fruit. Wood can be felt on the palate: evident tannins show that this Armagnac hasn't completed yet its ageing capacity.

1987 Domaine De Jouanchicot Located at Mauléon d'Armagnac 200ml

Nice golden colour, very brilliant. The ripe fruit (quince, mango, citrus) are very present on the nose, followed by spicy notes: (Vanilla, mint) and coffee. The attack on the palate is silky. The tannins are delicate and round. Very good balance between tannins, alcohol and flavours. A fabulous Bas Armagnac.

1990 Domaine De Bertruc Located at Frêche 200ml
Nice brown color, with golden tints. The nose is pungent, spicy, intense. Some amazing oaky flavors arrive: incense, flinty flavors. Then, some fruity aromas Then some fruit aromas are coming. On the palate, the tannins are rich. The brandy fills the palate and let the bouquet explode.