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Distillerie du Plessis Chouchen (Mead) 13.5% 700ml

Distillerie du Plessis Chouchen (Mead) 13.5% 700ml
Alcoholic Strength: 13.5%
Content: 750ml
Area of Origin: Brittany
Vintage: No Ageing
Variety: Honey
$ 25.00

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Tasting Notes:


Chouchen, the Mead of Brittany, fermented Honey Aperitif. This chouchen is based on Honey coming from Buckwheat, chestnut, multiple varieties of flowers, bramble, colza... These all differents flavors give to this Chouchen its originality and its florality. This one is much improved upon its prehistoric ancestor. Chouchen is a thick drink.