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Chamberysette Strawberry & Vermouth Dry 16% 750ml

Chamberysette Strawberry & Vermouth Dry 16% 750ml
Alcoholic Strength: 16%
Content: 750ml
Area of Origin: French Alps
Producer: Dolin
Vintage : No ageing
Variety: wine Based
$ 40.00

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Vermouth de Chambery and strawberry liqueur

Alcohol 16°

Bottle size : 700ml



Emblematique drink in the heart of the alps, chambery city loves chamberyzette.

In the heat of the summer, on the sunset, served chilled or on the rocks, enjoy this festive drink with your friends and on the toast everybody tells: “what a lovely drink!”



The very famous writer, vladimir nabokov wrote in “ada or ardor” (a family chronicle) 1969, page 598

“…ed barton served to lucette a chamberyzette…”