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Mythe Absinthe (Traditional Recipe) 69%

Mythe Absinthe (Traditional Recipe) 69%
Alcoholic Strength: 69%
Content: 700ml
Appellation-Area of Origin: Massif Central France
Vintage: No ageing Process
Variety: Artemisia Absinthium
We cannot think of a more authentic absinthe, the exact replica of the original 19th century liqueur. Lovely aromatic bouquet, elegance, not aggressive, notwithstanding its 69% alcohol.
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Mythe Absinthe Distillerie des Terres Rouges


The name absinthe comes from the plant, Artemisia Absinthium, which is one of its principal ingredients. This plant has recurred frequently throughout man's history, revered both for its virtues and its woes. The alcohol was prepared by macerating and distilling various plants such as aniseed, badiane, vervain, hysope, and others, and then by adding absinthe to obtain the famous beverage of the same name.




The drinking ritual


The Absinthe is poured in a glass, a special absinthe spoon is placed over the glass, water is then poured over the sugar. On contact with the water, the mix changes colour to become an opaque green liquid with breath-taking aromas. The sugar is used to absorb the slight bitterness of the absinthe and to liberate and allow the sophisticated fragrances to develop.






A lot of painstaking research into old formulas has been done at the Distillery in order to revive this ancient elixir. The work was carried out with the highest respect for the old traditions using only authentic methods worthy of this fine liqueur. With the help of a research laboratory, it has been possible to develop a totally natural method for eliminating the offending thujone and, with this out of the way, it has been possible to awaken this "Sleeping Beauty".



So we invite you to come on a voyage with us to discover once forbidden pleasures. Come and enjoy a piece of history.