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Cordial / Syrup / Mixers

Syrups are rich with flavour, made with natural pure sugar, and reinforced with concentrated fruit juice to restore the most authentic fruit taste. With a wide range of flavours for any palate, syrups enhance any drink. Syrups provide a range of flavours and fragrances of fruits, spices and flowers. Classic flavours for example include Grenadine, Mint, Peach, and Grapefruit. Exotic flavours for example include Mango, Passion, and Vanilla. There is also a constant variety of trendy flavours, such as Gingerbread, Chocolate, Bubble-Gum, and Elderflower.

Syrups make drinks easy to prepare. It is easy to provide refreshing drinks with still or sparkling water, sodas or tonics. Alcohol-free cocktails are also a breeze. Other options are homemade sorbets or ice cream allowing to playing with colours and flavours, or for flavouring coffee, hot or iced tea.