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Lillet Aperitif

Lillet, the aperitif from Bordeaux, was created in 1887 by brothers Paul and Raymond Lillet, wine merchants in Podensac in the Gironde region of France. It was originally called Kina Lillet, in reference to quinine, and its reputation soon flourished in the region. Lillet was launched in Paris in 1901.The 1930s marked the height of Lillet's success on the French market. At the end of the war, New York wine merchant Michel Dreyfus launched it successfully in the USA, and Lillet became the fashionable upmarket drink in the Big Apple.In 1950s Paris, it was the Duchess of Windsor who made Lillet a must at the Ritz and George V hotels. However, the drink's true destiny lay in the USA, which imported 80% of production. Within a decade, Lillet became an important ingredient of recipes served by the Tour d'Argent, Castel and on board the ocean liner the SS France. In the 1990s the brand was taken over by wine merchants in Bordeaux and again became successful in France.In 2008, having distributed the brand for two years, Ricard acquired the Lillet company.

  • LILLET Rosé (Pink) French Aperitif (Bordeaux) 17% 750ml

    Availability: In Stock - usually ships within 1 to 3 days

    Alcoholic Strength: 17%

    Content: 750ml

    Appellation-area of Origin: South of Bordeaux/ France

    Vintage: No Maturation in oak

    GrapeVariety: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon