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Absinthe Distilleries des Terres Rouges

The Terres Rouges Distillery is to be found at Turenne, on the borders of the Lot and the Corrèze. We make and sell a large range of aperitifs, absinthe, liqueurs, cream liqueurs and other alcohols, relying on traditional methods of maceration, infusion and distillation. For several years the company has also been producing a range of condiments under the label, “Domaine des Terres Rouges”.

  • Mythe Absinthe (Traditional Recipe) 69%

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    Alcoholic Strength: 69%

    Content: 700ml

    Appellation-Area of Origin: Massif Central France

    Vintage: No ageing Process

    Variety: Artemisia Absinthium


    We cannot think of a more authentic absinthe, the exact replica of the original 19th century liqueur. Lovely aromatic bouquet, elegance, not aggressive, notwithstanding its 69% alcohol.