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Distilleries Bertrand Marc

Inheriting a long tradition of patience and expertise, we distil our eaux-de-vie to perfection for the love of a job well done. The tradition of distilling we owe essentially to Alsace.

Our region has the benefit of fine soil and a good climate. Protected from the prevailing westerly winds by the Vosges mountains, the Alsace valley has hot summers with little rainfall.

The granite and volcanic sub-strata covered by very fertile alluvial soil is ideal for growing fruit trees. Around Uberach, our village, nature is abundant and it is just a matter of choosing the right time to bring in the Williams Pears, Raspberries, Cherries, Quetsch and Mirabelle plums and all the others into our cellars. All of them scented fruit, ripe to perfection which, through the alchemy of the still, will giving birth to wonderful eaux-de-vie.

  • Bertrand Marc de Gewurztraminer 45% 700ml

    $ 114.75
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    Alcoholic Strength: 45%

    Content: 700ml

    Appellation: Marc de Gewürztraminer

    Area of Origin: Alsace France

    Vintage: Non Aged

    Grape Variety : Gewürztraminer