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Fruit Liqueurs

Applewood Distillery

Apart from crafting fine Whisky and Gin, Applewood Distillery, located in South Australia's Adealide Hills also dabble in experimental small-batch distilling - be it diluting Gin with Saké, torpedo-ing it with Lavender, smoking barley grain with Applewood or re-inventing refreshing 'old world' classics like this local take on Amaro.

  • Applewood Espressocello Coffee Liqueur

    $ 32.20
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    A project of pure passion that’s taken years to perfect for the small distillery and they finally did so with the assistance of Johnny Scott (Mighty Mighty Coffee) - who roasts and grinds the beans for this liqueur on-site at the distillery. 

  • Applewood Limoncello Liqueur

    $ 32.20
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    Made from a safely guarded recipe - two different types of lemons grown in Montacute Valley, Adelaide Hills (the original home of citrus growing in South Australia), a little mandarin peel and pure Adelaide Hills water! Now you can enjoy summer time - all year round!

    500 ml Liqueur

  • Applewood Cherrycello Liqueur

    Availability: This product is no longer in stock - usually ships within 1 to 3 days
    This Cherrycello has been made from cherries that were knocked back by a supermarket because: they were too small. Yep - super-high in flavour, but just too small. Traditionally, when this happens - the grower sends them to compost. But now - Applewood can produce an insanely intense after-dinner treat to keep you warm during winter.