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Domaine des Hautes Glaces whisky

The Domaine des Hautes Glaces is one of the few distilleries that grows and processes its own grain. Probably the smallest and one of them whose products are fully certified in organic farming, which uses as the main source of energy, renewable and local energy sources.


The single malt are all designed and produced "whiskey of the earth," every choice is determined by their vision of terroir, based on a reinterpretation of local know-how, they aim to create single malt that magnify the rich and aromatic typical grain of their mountains.


They work different cereals, the traditional cereal barley Scotch whiskey and rye, used in North America (Rye whiskey). These cereals grown in organic farming by the partners of the Estate, there are then transformed, brewed and then double distilled in their small pot stills. The distillates are then crafted white or put into French oak barrels and kept in the privacy of their cellars so that they become rounded,  more complex and become quietly the best of themselves.