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Aperitif Mistelles

Mistelle ” is the French technical word for a drink obtained by adding to the freshly squeezed fruit juice the corresponding brandy. All Mistelles are guaranted by AOC (Appellation d'origine contrôlée).

  • Fresh grape juice (white or Red) + Armagnac = Floc de Gascogne.

  • Fresh grape juice (white or Red) + Cognac = Pineau des Charentes.

  • Fresh apple juice  + Calvados = Pommeau de Normandie.

  • Fresh grape juice (White) + Champagne Brandy = Ratafia de Champagne.

  • Fresh grape juice + Jura Marc = Macvin du Jura.

Different from fortified wines, it fulfils the function of aperitif, digestif or cocktail ingredient (White Rosé or Red). Drink it chilled or at room temperature. It is aged in wood for 3 to 6 years and sometimes for many more. Quality is achieved by the sum of the Mistelle components; therefore the best juice and best brandy must be used.