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Rum Traditional

Caroni Rum

Caroni is Rum’s first case of a closed distillery becoming famous, a kind of Port Ellen in Trinidad. With its own sugar plantation, it started producing in 1918 equipped with a quadruple column still and a small copper pot still, creating rich, heavy, spicy rums.
In 2001 the government took the decision to stop production of sugar cane in Trinidad, causing the distillery to close in 2002. In 2004, Luca Gargano visited the distillery and found hundreds of barrels from the seventies onwards in an abandoned hangar. He decided there and then to buy the entire stock, let the rum mature further and bottle the casks little by little.

  • Caroni 17 years Extra Strong 100% Trinidad Rum 700ml 55%

    $ 216.00
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    Alcoholic Strength: 55%
    Content: 700ml
    Area of Origin: Trinidad
    Vintage: 17 years

  • Caroni Trinidad Rum 15 Years Bourbon Cask 52% 700ml

    $ 191.40
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    This version introduces us to Caroni in a new light. Although this rum's characteristic petrol notes are clearly present here, they are much more subdued and evasive than usual. This provides us with an opportunity to savour the fruits, honeys and flowers packed into this juice and to comfortably admire the finesse of its woody aspect.