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Emile Pernot Aperitif

The firm of Emile Pernot, now more than a century old, has a direct lineage rooted in the origins of the famous liquor named "absinthe”, and you’ll discover that the story is rather surprising seeing the coincidences!

Indeed, the legend says that on Dr Ordinaire’s death, at the end of the 18th century, his precious original recipe for the elixir passed to two Swiss sisters from the Henriod family. They in turn sold the recipe to a Major Dubied from Couvet, who commercialized the product and, together with his son-in-law Henri-Louis Pernod, established the very first absinthe distillery in Pontarlier in 1805. 

Now located in its historic premises the house of Emile Pernot combines a century of tradition and artisanal craftsmanship (and some typically French savoir-faire) with a forward looking and international approach, to bring its expertise in herbal distillation to the widest possible audience.

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