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White Oak whiskey

After spending nearly two years in Scotland after World War II to be trained on distillation, Masataka Taketsuru is considered the founding father of Japanese whiskey. He has created in 1924 the Yamasaki distillery on behalf of Suntory, then opened his own company Nikka. However, it was preceded by another distillery, but has long been unknown. Indeed, in 1919, the distillery White Oak, located in Akashi, at the edge of the Seto Inland Sea, had obtained his whiskey distilling license and other spirits. It belongs to the Eigashima society, one of the oldest Japanese sake producers since founded in 1679. Having become later one of the most famous for the development of this traditional Japanese alcohol, it was the first to put in bottle the sake in 1899. Everything changed in 1984 with the construction of a more modern distillery, but where are implemented Scottish specific techniques. It uses a pure groundwater