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Flavoured Wines

They have been for a few years now, an absolute craze in France and Europe.
The word "Rosé Pamplemousse" (Rosé Grapefruit) is more widely known in Paris / London / Berlin etc... than Chateau Petrus.
With such a success everyone jumped on the band wagon and soon there was the good (rare) the bad and mostly the ugly.
Vedrenne decided to bring their expertise to a clever idea to make it excellent. At Vinisud Bordeaux in 2013, we had a blind comparison and they stood up so far above the so called good ones, notwithstanding the bad and ugly.
Vedrenne decided that instead of salvaging bad wines by flavouring them with synthetic aromas, as everyone did, they would reverse the premise and combine good wine with good liqueur.
Et voilà:
Dearer but so much better!