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French Wines

Our range of French wines comes from our producers of Cognac, Armagnac, Fines (Brandies) or Marcs (Grappas) of various origins or our liqueur producers who each in their own region know the very best value winemakers.

Our spirits producers often and sometimes more importantly are into wine in the same standarts of quality, authenticity and originality as they are in spirits. Often bio-dynamic or organic, and striving for the least amount of sulphite (then called "Natural Wines" up to 30mg/l).

We may add to our selection the odd remarkable wine from France Soir restaurant, one of the best wine list.

We feel that your admiration for our Spirits and Liqueurs should be expanded into the very wines of their producers.

Since this is a window of electic wines more for the curiosity and satisfaction of our customers and not a serious attempt at a large & profitable business, do not expect perfect continuity of supply of each wine, but rather a lot of variation, all the more exciting.